I'm Krystal

Hey Babe

Finding my own Magic...

After years of struggle with crippling depression & anxiety, spending my days dreaming of having purpose while sitting on the couch... I slowly began claiming the reasons I was stuck (me), accepting the energies I was putting into this world, and allowing around me, and excitedly made the decision to step forward into the woman I knew I could be.

The beautiful ways this aligmnent with my purpose has illuminated a path to guide me has been a beautiful experience. It became my passion to share the tools, mantras, and prayers that were rising me out of mundane and just surviving and into magic and thriving. 

My desire is to create not only a brand, but a community; a tribe, of like-minded women where we can empower, grow, manifest, and align by claiming our own magic. To strengthen the light within us, so we can light up the world. 




My Favorite Things

Hanging with my


Listening to self help podcast 

Curling up with a Good Book




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