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Healing, sorting through my ghost, baggage, traumas, and own toxic behavior has been one of the hardest, most emotional, ugliest parts of my life. It's also been beautiful, liberating, weight-lifting, and a million times worth it. 

And it's no where close to over, but somewhere along the way, I began taking notes, creating my own worksheets, and following a thought process. Natural evolution, or maybe divine alignment stepped in and here we are. My drive to heal my own soul and present my best self to the world is now meet with an intense passion to help rise up the goddess in other woman and inspire them to do the same. 

We each have so much magic inside of us, and the world deserves to see it. Not only the world outside, but especially the world; your world, inside the walls of your own home. 

The absolute most crucial change I've made is the way I approach self care, self love, and self thoughts. I was the tin man.. no maintenance had left me in horrible shape, inside and out. And my heart...oh my heart surely felt missing most days. A true glow up starts from the inside (deeep, deeep inside) first. And i'll be the first to tell you... when you start walking in alignment with your path, the universe has some pretty beautiful ways to show you your going the right way. Everything feels different. 

I pray this life compass is your first step in lighting up a new path of shining brightly. It's only the beginning. 

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Align: The Life Compass 

The purpose and passion behind the Align Life Compass is to connect with women who have lost their identity, who's cups feel empty, and who struggle with self love and embracing their inner goddess. Through certain chapters in our life (motherhood being #1) we tend to put everyone's needs before our own. We lose our way, our light, our passions. 


Unfortunately, these chapters often coincide with the age in our life (25-35ish) when we are able to truly figure out as fully mature adults who and what we are. My mission is to help as many women (and men if they are so included, no exclusion here!) as possible relight the fire inside them, learn how to fill their own cup, put themselves first, and truly live their life in the most meaningful way possible. 

My own struggles with depression, anxiety, and the complete & total loss of my own identity brought me here. Almost a decade of waking up each day and just... existing. Surviving, doing the minimum to keep myself and my family functioning, but having very little joy outside of the love of my family. The fire inside my burned so low, most days I thought every ember had fizzled out. I was always tired, gaining weight, and carried a sad, heavy weight around with me like a rapid-growing tumor.