The Aligned Lounge

The mission & purpose behind the Aligned life compass is something I'm passionate about. But that mission can't be fully executed with just a planner download. I can't continue to reach your heart, or provide a continuous stream of tools so that you can heal yourself. With just a download, I cannot provide you other women to link arms with who understand where you are, and the journey you are taking. Sister, you need a tribe. 


The Aligned lounge is your place to connect with a community of others who are on the same path as you, as well as a source for all things VIP Aligned Compass. Members will get:


  • A 10% off code for the shop (15% for the first 100 who join!)

  • A monthly exclusive download you can only get in the lounge

  • First access to exclusive coaching and webinars 

  • Access to all courses, downloads and worksheets during a course 

  • Freebie Friday- { and sometimes other days ;) } I'll list new designs in the group for you to download for free for 24 hours

  • Videos- How to videos for the planner, tips, tricks, etc. 

  • Again, the courses, and the journey. We will dive into the Life Wheel, breaking down each section and accessing how we can improve that area of our lives, among other topics. We are doing the hard, healing work. 

It's my prayer that together we can transform our souls so that we may have the best of us to offer others and transform our lives. 

The cost is $11.88 bi-weekly, and you'll get that investment back in value with the gold inside.

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