Kindred Spirits & Pockets

My women friends, have you ever been out shopping and saw a dress that you liked, but then you saw that dress had POCKETS and you were soooold? And then, anytime someone compliments said dress while wearing it you excitedly respond with "Thanks, it has pockets!" .... Sound familiar? Cause, me too.

I've always bought something just because it was sparkly and made me feel good. I didn't need it necessarily, but it was pretty, damnit.

That's similar to how I see kindred spirits in our lives. They aren't meant to be deep, significant relationships. Kindred spirits are often a reflection of the parts of us that we love, the vibrations we most resonate with. They are the sparkly things that just make us smile, the coolness of pockets on a dress.

Think of your friends, or your facebook feed and I'm sure you'll be able to identify a good handful of kindred spirits. People whom you just love their vibe, their energy. You have similar taste, values, and humor. Your post are usually mutually loved with cries of "me too!".

These are almost always platonic relationships, and usually aren't meant to be a deep soul connection. They aren't here to teach you a lesson, or guide you through any chapters. Kindred spirits play a very passive role in our lives, and aren't vital to our spiritual growth.

We can meet countless of these spirits in our lifetime. They could be anyone in your life, a teacher, friend, pet, random person you went to high school with, lady at the salon... the universe weaves these people into our life beautifully and they are the stars that sparkle subtly for us without fail.

I like to think that some of the kindred spirits we meet in this lifetime are sometimes soulmates from a past lifetime that we just want to keep that connection with, even though their role has changed. But just because our kindred spirits don't often play a roll in our spiritual growth, doesn't mean they aren't important! Appreciate the joy they bring to your life, the times they make your heart smile. If someone can make you as happy as pockets on a dress... then you are pretty lucky to have them around! ;)

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